Europe, Asia & Other Destinations Tour Packages

More tours coming......

In addition to our group tours, we also have experience developing independent tours to Asia, Europe and many other destinations. We have contacts with a large number of local suppliers across the world, which allows us to confidently design and organise tours to a wide range of destinations.

Your itinerary is customised to match your specific interests like wildlife, hiking or rail. Travelling by train is a highlight of many of our itineraries, so if you’re a rail enthusiast come and have a chat with us.

Here are some rail adventures you might be interested in:

Visit many of the restored railways of UK including the Romney, Hythe Railways, the Dymchurch Railways (a scheduled miniature steam hauled railway) and the North Yorkshire Railway as featured in the TV series 'Heartbeat'.

Explore the gorgeous countryside using a combination of Britrail Pass and self-drive. (Seniors receive a huge discount on first class travel which includes all meals.)

Take the Eurostar to Amsterdam followed by a relaxing Rhine cruise. Use your Eurailpass to ride the Swiss Railways’ highly scenic Glacier Express and Bernina Express.

Visit Austria, Poland, Germany and Italy. In Germany you can see the Hartz Mountains with their unique scheduled steam trains.