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Hello again…..its been a while

This is the first edition of our new update series, which will keep you informed of upcoming trips and tours, travel and destination specials, new and exciting opportunities for clients, recently returned tours and reflections and finally some general office news.

I do have to apologise as there has been a lack of regular updates from us until now – in fact the last one was in October 2010! But rest assured, you will be receiving two or three newsletters per year from now on.

Customer Loyalty Scheme

Over the years we have developed close friendships with many clients. We really appreciate the ongoing support of our business. A significant percentage of our sales come from existing clients either in the form of repeat business or referrals and recommendations. In light of this support, we have decided to introduce a client loyalty scheme. In short, if you have travelled on a tour that we have organised, you will receive a discount of $250 per person on future bookings.

The scheme applies to our own tours rather than those operated by other companies. Other conditions that apply to the scheme can be found on our website.

Suggestions for future tours

If there are any destinations you are interested in visiting in the future, please feel free to discuss these with us.

We have a developed an extensive network of contacts with airlines and local suppliers in different parts of world. In the past, we have found that many clients are interested in visiting similar places, so there is always the possibility of organising a group or individual tour package to a particular place that might be on your ‘bucket list’.

Likewise, if you are interested in "themed" tours such as history, quilting, wildlife viewing, trains, walking or photography please let us know. We have a number of staff such as Hugh McMaster and Jacquie Snare that specialise in researching, designing and organising these types of tours.

New Website

I am pleased to advise that our new website is now up and running, packed with all the latest trip and tour information, office updates, pictures and testimonials! It’s a great way to stay informed, so check out www.spectrumholidays.com.au!

Staff Changes

You may also be interested to learn about a couple of staff changes that have taken place. Shena Liu joined our team in March 2011 and is taking over the role of Operations Manager from Lorraine McMaster.

After 25 years, Lorraine has decided to gradually wind down her involvement in the day to day activities of the business and instead spend more time with the grandkids and pursuing interests such as photography and sewing. Shena moved from Singapore to Australia in 2007 to study commerce at Deakin University. After graduation, she worked at Teac for almost two years in a procurement role before joining our team.

Karyn Prosser has moved into the newly created position of Marketing Manager and is looking after the website and other marketing related activities. We now have an interstate office as Karyn is working from her family’s farm in South Australia.

Shortly before Christmas, Mia Kennett joined the team and has been working on various projects including this newsletter, developing a sparkling new presentation for our Alaska/Canada information sessions and designing client itineraries.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Andrew McMaster



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