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Congratulations Cameron

Spectrum Holidays is proud to announce that Cameron Mates, a client of ours from last year, has won a prize in the prestigious White Pass Photo contest for a photo he captured in Alaska. Cameron’s impressive picture features the awe inspiring and snow covered mountains in the background with the White Pass train coming around the bend. The green and yellow train carriages are in full view.

The contest chooses the top 10 photos for the year of all those taken by passengers on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad trip. Cameron describes the trip as “a vivid and colourful journey with stunning scenery surrounded by snow covered mountains.” The “world’s most scenic railway” ascends 2,865 feet in just 20 miles and Cameron remembers it was like “travelling among the clouds.” The Summit was a highlight for our resident photographer, who remembers his surprise upon looking down from the top; “you can see right over the top of the mountains and it’s only then that you realise just how far you’ve gone up” Cameron recollects.

Cameron’s fascination with photography only started mid way through 2011 and the photo was shot on his Nikon 5000. He explains that his passion for photography stems from “the ability to capture a moment in time to share with others who would otherwise not have a chance to see it.”

Of course we could have told the judges in the competition that Cameron deserved a prize; not only does his photo stand out among the others, but all the photos taken by him on the trip were prize worthy as was the DVD he put together for all his fellow clients on the Alaska Spring 2011 tour. To see Cameron’s photo, along with the photos of the other winners, go to:

We at Spectrum are blessed with the pleasure of sharing your travel experiences through your photos. Many people who travel with us return with spectacular shots that never fail to amaze us. We would like to encourage you to keep bringing your photos into the office, we enjoy looking at them with you.

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