Like all businesses involved in the travel industry, Spectrum Holidays has been severely affected by the impact of COVID-19.  To this end, we have been carefully considering the direction to take after the Job Keeper allowance and commercial rent relief programs finish at the end of March.

As you can well imagine, developing any form of strategy in the current operating environment is challenging. In addition to considering the economic viability of the business, looking after the interests of clients and staff has been paramount. The plan we have formulated has three elements.

Retail operations

Jacquie and Wayne are setting up their own travel advisory business (in partnership with MTA Mobile Travel Agents) and will no longer be employed by Spectrum Holidays. As part of MTA they can continue to assist clients with airfares and land arrangements such as cruises, tours, accommodation and travel insurance. MTA have been operating for twenty years and were a pioneer of the home-based travel business in Australia.  Their structure is ideally suited to experienced and knowledgeable travel professionals such as Jacquie and Wayne.

We are genuinely grateful and appreciative of the valuable contribution that Jacquie and Wayne have made to Spectrum Holidays. Their strong interpersonal skills, detailed travel knowledge and industry experience have assisted thousands of clients. In addition, they have been able to develop and foster relationships with a wide range of suppliers.

The process for establishing the new business is already underway and we anticipate all the paperwork and setup will be in place by early May.  Jacquie and Wayne will contact you directly with details of their new email addresses and telephone numbers at that point. If you need to contact them in the interim their details are as follows: Jacquie: mobile 0438 791 005 and Wayne: mobile 0457 970 671 or home 9807 8895

Wholesale operations

The wholesale part of the business which organises individual and group tours to destinations such as Alaska/Canada, USA and Scandinavia will remain with Spectrum Holidays. Due to the international travel restrictions which are in place,it is not feasible to organise trips to these destinations at present. As such, we are not intending to take any new bookings for the time being.  Later in the year, when the picture is hopefully a little clearer, we will review our plans for 2022 and beyond.

Mitcham Office

The lease for the current office expires at the end of January 2022.  We have notified the Landlord that we will not be exercising the option to extend the lease.